Sexual addiction
Is sexual addiction a valid psychiatric diagnosis?
Those who are extremely sexual active, as Tiger Woods was, are labeled addicted to sex. Can a lot of sex activate the pleasure centers of the brain to cause such a pattern?

It is defined in the new Psychiatric manuals as a progressive intimacy disorder with compulsive sexual thoughts and acts, with compulsive searching for multiple partners, fixation on an unattainable partner, compulsive masturbation, and compulsive sexuality in a love relationship.

Unlike other addictions that give intense pleasure, followed by a wish to repeat. It starts as an experiment, becomes a habit, and then is autonomous.
Dawson, Psychiatry/Mental Health, Feb 6, 2010

European women get commitment benefits
Getting free day care, healthcare, and tax benefits for unmarried couples makes mating easier in Europe and Canada. Men don’t need to be providers if the government gives free education and none of this is linked to a job or productivity. Looks like we are getting there quickly.
New York Observer

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