Patients ask me why their face gets flushed, why they blush, and how can they hide their feelings.

Your face can show your inner feeling and changes when your feelings change as you talk: it is not the words, it’s the dance of emotions, that trigger particular emotions in the other person.

Emotions are a change of an emotion. Any stimulus can become emotional, as the financial crisis, and the upcoming elections. Feelings are the subjective aspects of emotion.

The bottom of the face dominates the expression. A sad mouth with smiling eyes implies sadness. A smiling mouth on sad eyes implies happiness. Why do you clench your jaw when you are happy?

Emotional gestures help restore and regulate the vascular system of the head. Your face can trigger many emotions.

When you blush, there is danger of blood flooding the brain.
The blood is shunted away from the brain and hence the face gets flushed.

Temperature affects all the biochemical processes. The brain can’t tolerate variations in the brain temperatures. The brain cools itself by heat exchange..

Facial muscles can change venous blood flow. This changes the blood temperature in the brain. The temperature changes affect the neurochemicals of the brain.


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