Mind Healing

Let's wake up to reality! We are in coma most of the time with our stressful and busy lives. Rarely are we in the present moment. Problems of smoking, alcohol, and overeating will be solved.
Events in our lives are interpreted by how we see them, not as they really are. Our thoughts are always on what we will do tomorrow and what we should have done yesterday. Our busy lives have left up depressed, robotic, analytical and stressed. Let's wake up and see things as they really are. In short, get into the present moment.
Society programs up to think we will be forgetful and inefficient if we don't constantly plan our daily activities. We try to analyze and predict our futures instead of being comfortable with the unknown. Young people are always thinking about their 401k's and early retirement.
We don't really enjoy the present moment. You are brainwashed into thinking the more stress you can handle, the stronger you are. You try to do many things at a time. It's hard to stay focused on what you are doing. By working longer hours, are you working smater? During times of change your number one priority must be to keep your cool and perspective on life

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