Experts decide who should not get life saving medical treatments. The House reform bill contains a provision that would allow doctors to bill Medicare for optional consultations on end-of-life care every five years. The decision to request such a session would be at the patient's discretion, not mandated.

Many Americans feel uncomfortable confronting mortality ,and its unknowns, asking: Will the cuts to the cost of health care be done by cutting services to the elderly as well?

Much of the health care reform effort is aimed at holding down cost increases. How does effective counseling about end-of-life help to accomplish this goal?


This discussion is not something that should be taking place at the end of life.

Adults should have consultations with their physicians when they reach adult-hood. Even teens should have this consultation with their parents and physicians so all can express their feelings about what is to transpire in the event of serious illness or accident.

Death is not something that is separate from life, but is another stage of live that none of will fully understand until we have gone through that phase.

A panel of so-called ‘experts’ deciding who could and could not get life-saving medical treatments?
against an administration that has the power to make life and death decisions about your loved ones.


We allow our leadership to "Play God!" when it concerns life. We murder the unborn. We murder prisoners. And next, if the powers that be, get their way, we will be murdering the helpless and the aged -- all in the name of being a civilized society.

There is nothing in the constitution that defines health care as a constitutional right. I is however our privilege to have the most advanced and available health care system in the world.

Government has decided that health care is a government program and everyone must participate in that program and our health care controlled by the government. . Insurance is intended to be an assist not a pay all.


It’s government that has to leave religions alone, not religious people who have to goose-step approvingly or remain silent no matter what the governement says or does.

The first amendment was meant to protect religious freedom from government not to bar faith from the publis square, and much less to create schizophrenic citizens who can consider murder and theft a bad thing when they’re in Church and then approve of it when casting their vote. And what are abortion and socialism if not murder and theft turned into “rights”??

Let's fix what we have before we build another bottomless money hole

You do not want the government, or any doctor for that matter, making an end-of-life decisions for you, or for your loved ones.

Under the Pelosi bill, all physicians risk losing quality bonus payments unless they report on whether they provide advanced care planning and adherence to that plan.”"

Negotiating rates to be paid to the nation's 788,000 practicing physicians and 5,708 hospitals.

--Create and then assess fines for individuals and companies that fail to comply with the new government-run health care program's multitude of regulations