There are seven wheels of energy similar to the meridian system.The wheels of energy in ancient Hindu texts, received its new name,Chakra, in the 20th century chankra,( a Sanskrit term). The Hindus located seven major wheels of energy, chakras, that correspond with the spine along the vertical axis to the tip of your head. The chakra system is similar to the meridian system used in acupuncture. Your chakra is a natural map to receive and send subtle energies, allowing you to reconnect your energy to your various organs. If blocked it quit spinning and your body becomes dysfunctional.

Every color vibrates at a specific individual frequency just like your glands and organs. Every color corresponds to a specific area of your body and the color never deviates. Energy arises from the base(,the sacrum) and is propelled via the coccyx, resonating as a wheel where vibrations are of the same frequency. The vibrations are more dense, heavier, and lower in frequency along the vertical axis at its base. The coccyx serves as a pump directing the flow of energy up the spine connecting with all seven chakras.

The base chakra, sacrum resonates with the earth, the metal lead, the color red, the sense of smell, and the planet Saturn. It resonates with the sound “La”, and has a square. Disturbances in this chakra lead to lower back pain, rectal problems, and sciatica. You feel physically weak,alone, and threatened by the world. When closed, you tend to see “red”, project your energies outward, and feel angry, aggressive, insecure and lonely. You act defensively, lack confidence, and seem angry and somewhat unstable.

The second chakra, Navel chakra is halfway between the pubis and navel, is filled with sexual vitality. and is considered the “gut area, called the hara by the Japanese, It is energized by the color orange, resonates with water, the metal tin, the sense of taste, and the planet Jupiter. It resonates with the sound ”BA” and its shape is like a pyramid. Disturbances here include: infertility, impotence, prostate trouble, sexual difficulties, slipped discs, bladder and urine problems. This results in sexual difficulties, impotence, lack of orgasm, and feelings of low self-esteem. There is an inability to have a strong gut feeling and emotions,

The third chakra, solar plexus, affects your power to act, is energized with the color yellow, resonates with the planet Mars, the sound ”Ra”, and has a circular shape. Disturbances here include: arthritis, ulcers, stomach will, pancreatitis, diabetes, cirrhosis, adrenal imbalances, stiffness of the joints,anorexia, depression, addictions, and kidney problems. Mental illness with rapid mood swings occur with feelings of anxiety and submissiveness. Stress disorders as ulcers occur along with nervous disorders and chronic fatigue.

Feelings and thinking become foggy and decision-making is poor. When th
e gut feeling is closed, you have passionate views, are excitable and aroused, and find relationships difficult. Others are intimidating and you find yourself a victim. You feel others are more important, and you become envious and resentful. Obsessive-compulsive disorders, paranoia, and intense worrying. When this chakra is blocked, acupuncture in conjunction with color therapy work well.

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, resonates with the element air, color green, the sense of touch, the planet Venus, the metal copper, the planet Venus, the two syllable sound Ya Mn, and the energy field is in the shape of a cross. Disturbances here include: heart failure, blocked arteries, allergies, asthma, lung problems, poor circulation, upper back and shoulder problems. Blockage results in resentment and bitterness, relationship difficulties, over excitability, extroversion, and strong ambitions for fame.

The fifth chakra, the throat chakra, is associated with the color blue, resonates with ether, the planet Mercury, the sound “ha”, the energy field is shaped like a chalice. Disturbances here result in skin problems, allergies. stiff neck, tension headaches, and problems with the teeth. When blocked, there is a fear of self-assertion, dishonesty, and the voice becomes muffled and quiet with an inability to speak for oneself, resulting in guilt and blame. You become remote, cool, distant, uncommunicative and shy.

The sixth chakra, the Brow chakra, also known as the third eye, resonates with the color indigo midnight blue, the metals gold and silver, the planet Moon, the sound Ah, and the energy field has the shape of a six pointed star. Disturbances include tension headaches, depression, psychotic illness, strokes and blood clots. This chakra influences the endocrine system, sleep ,and mental functions. Blockage results in resistance to self-examination, rigid thinking, obsessiveness, and difficulty in opening to new ideas. You appear mystifying, unclean, subdued, depressed, and blue.

The seventh chakra the crown chakra, is at the top of the skull and is considered the seat of the soul. It resonates with the color purple, and is the master gland regulating all the other glands. Its color is purple, its shape is symbolized by the thousand petal lotus,, and it resonates with the sound “OM”
Disturbances here are of the nervous system, bone problems occur, and debilitating illnesses result. There is difficulty perceiving ordinary reality and you seem detached, unworldly and others see you as way out.


The invisible forces of chakras are self evident, but cannot be significantly measured. It’s subtle energy can only be read with envy and directed by living organisms. Because it cannot be detected by orthodox scientific instruments, it is deemed to have no physical reality. These invisible forces are also true for acupuncture fields.Closing any chakra means complete denial of feeling in a certain area. Usually your chakras close only partially. The way these colors project, affect your outlook on life and influence your well-being.
On the Oprah show, green silk chairs with honeydew walls and pink napkins were chosen by Alison Spear for a home makeover for Claudine Wheeler’s new Florida home. Orange and green, in a combination removes energy blocks.

When blockage occurs, you may find your life meaningless, you become fearful as you attempt to improve your life, have lack of faith in yourself, and can’t understand the spiritual experiences of others.Thoughts and energies and attitudes can block energy, while unexpressed emotions can overcharge your Chakra.

Research today confirms the observations of the ancients. Most people react to unpleasant experiences by blocking them out. This restricts much of the energy flow within the chakras and prevent total functioning of your body.

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