Drug interacions with one another and can kill you. It is important to be aware of the medication you are taking when you ingest vitamins, herbs, foods or other drugs. These interactions may lead to serious drug reactions.

Ace inhibitors (Zestril) + Diuretics (Aldactone) result in excess potassium and cardiac irregularities may occur.

Blood thinners + Ginko, Aspirin, Antibiotics, Vitamin E, or Ulcer drugs (Tagamet) can result in bleeding problems.

Blood thinners + High potassium foods as broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts decrease the effect of thinning on the blood.

MAO inhibitors + narcotic pain relievers can cause seizures and coma.

MAO inhibitors + antidepressants (SSRI) can result in confusion and even a heart attack.
MAO inhibitors + decongestants and cough remedies (OTC) can make the blood pressure soar.

MAO inhibitors + Ma Huang can make the blood pressure rise.

MAO inhibitors + foods high in tyramine (aged cheeses, pickled fish, salami, wine and beer) can make the blood pressure rise.

Methyl Trexate (for arthritis) + Echinecea, Indocin, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Motrin) can damage the liver if used more than 8 weeks, elevate the blood methyl trexate, cause diarrhea, fever and even death.
Birth control drugs + Ginseng, Antibiotics, or Vitamin C (over 1000mg) can decrease the effectiveness of the contraceptive and increase the levels of estrogen resulting in uterine bleeding.

Propulsid + Erythromycin or antifungal drugs can result in heart irregularities.

Theophylin + Antibiotics increase the theophylin levels can result in irregular heart rhythm.

Theophylin + charcoal broiled foods decrease the effectiveness of the drug.

Acutane + Vitamin A can result in headaches and even liver damage.

Ace Inhibitors + potassium (K) result in increase K and heart irregularities.

Parkinsonism drugs (Sinemet) + Vitamin B6 can block the effect of the drug.

Thyroid drugs + Iron can decrease the effectiveness of the thyroid drug.

Xanax or Valium + alcohol or Kava can increase sedation.

Antidepressants + St. John's wort can cause increase serotonin levels.

Flagyl and Keflex + alcohol can cause a rapid heart rate.

Procardia + Grapefruit juice can increase the effect of Procardia.

Digoxin + real licorice can cause an irregular heart rate.


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