You must talk positively to yourself to gain control of your weight problem.
“Whenever I sit down I am determined to achieve my goal. By never giving in and eating right, I will reach the weight I want.

I really enjoy eating less whether in a restaurant or at home. I don’t have to finish the food in front of me anymore. I eat what I should and never won by it more.

When there is less food on my plate there is less food on my fork. By ordering less when I eat out, and giving myself smaller portions at home, it keeps me aware of staying with my goal each day. Less on my plate means less on my waist.

I will not allow anyone to influence, tempt or discourage me in any negative way. Reaching my goal was up to me. No one has the right to control my success.

I’m only losing weight for my own reasons; for my life, my future by personal health. No one will tempt me to take one more bite than I should. I am strong, can reach my goal, and am doing it.

A lot of food in front of me is no longer a problem to me. I just say no to the food and yes to my success.

I still enjoy sitting down to eat because it gives me time to conquer my past and create a tremor Here more self-confident future in front of me.

I don’t need someone else to remind me of my goal would keep me from eating something I should not. I’m responsible for myself and no one has to do it for me.

It’s easy for me now to control my weight and my appetite. I enjoy smaller portions, smaller bites, eat slower, am healthier, and more relaxed in every way. Mealtime has turned into achievement time for me.”

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