Taoism was the first religion to see sex as transforming. Over 6000 years ago, the first world religion, Taoism, was formed. It has been kept relatively secret from the West, and includes numerous techniques designed to immortalize the physical body. It basically has four sections: Wisdom, (I Ching), Diet, Internal exercises, and Sexology.


.Basically, one can enjoy sexual play without depleting self-energy. It also showed how to strengthen sexual organs and use sexual energy to remove body ailments. It showed various positions of therapeutic sex, natural birth control, and ways to select the sex of children.


Wisdom is comprised of philosophy, astrology, and forecasting techniques. It has three parts. One, a study of symbols governed by exact laws of mathematics. Another section included transactional psychology, represented by 64 hexagrams. Each is composed of six lines with each line representing a stage in a person’s transactions. The third part is the ability to forecast events. Everything that is going to happen has already occurred. if we understand the 1 Ching, we can predict the future.


The system of diet also has three categories. The first explains in detail which foods are best to eat, the properties of various foods, and how to combine food into tasteful and attractive dishes. It includes a detailed analysis of various ingredients in foods, the acid and alkaline content of foods, and the correct way to balance minerals, proteins, and vitamins. The basic principles include natural and non- processed foods.

The next section of the diet describes herbs. Food is medicine, and medicine should be food. Even though we get a certain amount of our energy from food, harmful bacteria also can use that energy to multiply. To remedy this, formulated herbology was developed.

The body easily and totally assimilates herbs. They can energize the body, act as antibiotics against germs, and and increase one’s lifespan. Herbs are indispensable to achieve superb physical health and perhaps physical immortality.

The third diet category is the energy diet. The body is nourished directly by cosmic energy. This is achieved by energy breathing. Jesus went into the wilderness, for 40 days, without food and water, which nourished the spirit, and captured the universal force of energy.


While external exercises can produce an attractive figure, it does so by depleting internal organ energy. This causes a lot of illnesses, and also premature aging. These exercises have three components.

1. Self-healing
Internal exercises express the art of self-healing. If you go against the laws of nature, you will get sick. If you never have a serious disease, you will not die. Death is the end result of the accumulation of many illnesses during one’s lifetime.

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese chose for their exercises, three animals noted for longevity: the deer, the crane, and the turtle. The deer balances the endocrine gland secretions, the crane strengthened the abdominal organs, and the turtle controls the entire nervous system.

2. Meridian meditation

Meridians are the pathways for energy circulation through the body. These meditations stimulate the flow of energy and balance body energy. An attempt is made to unify the human’s microcosm with the universe’s macrocosm.

With meditation, the body, mind, and brain, become totally integrated. The universe and the body are inseparable and enriched by the universe’s cosmic energy.

3. Cosmic energy breathing

Through these exercises, energy is absorbed by acupuncture points that travel across the body. Every day, energy is constantly lost, and must be replenished to ward off disease, fatigue, and even death. This breathing is a vital step in self-healing.

Every aspect of our daily existence is covered in the Taoism system. It attempts to completely nourish our physical needs.
It considered spiritual development a natural result of our everyday actions. According to Taoism, the divine is everywhere we exist, and will always be so.

We are told to be concerned with our physical bodies and use the time we have to prevent body degeneration. In this way, we can reach a higher level of health, by living in the Tao.

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