Change challenges your ideas. See what is happening each moment without judging or interpreting. There is no preference of this moment versus that moment. No thought "I prefer being happy rather than in pain".

When you think you are choosing your thoughts, planning and working it into a reality, you don't really see what is actually happening that moment. Each moment has its spark, the knowing conscious, by being aware. When you do, you don't see the real you being born and dying. The sun is always shining even though we see an overcast day.

You are not at the mercy of your mind when you understand it. Often words are inadequate to communicate. You can only be experienced when you learn something new. You get rid of an old opinion and get a new opinion. Newton said:" For every force there is an equal and opposite force". Nothing stays forever and nothing is permanent. When we get what we want we deep down know it will change.

Change challenges your ideas. When you rigidly hold on to a view, you isolate yourself from the truth. What you experience is not really what is happening, it is only what you think is going on. Wisdom is waking up and seeing things as they really are. The mind slowly starts seeing what its doing.

Your mind is always wanting. It wants to be secure, happy, survive, loved, and to be free of pain. It desires friends, foods, and certain kind of surrounding. Nothing can permanently satisfy you, because the thing you want also keeps changing all the time.

You want is to be looking elsewhere. If you realize you are grasping on fire, you stop reaching for it. Being complete is being right where you are. Everything equally matters.

You can never satisfy your wants. There is therefore nothing worth holding onto, nowhere to go, nothing to have, and nothing to be.. That is true freedom You realize there is no certain way to act or to judge, nor to ignore. Just simply look and observe. Watch without judging yourself. If you are just watching, you are not wanting.

Do you know what is going on while it's going on? If your concentration is weak, your understanding is superficial, and your awareness can't penetrate. The mind always wants to wander, like a monkey swinging from one tree to another.

Thoughts are like clouds passing back and forth. If you let go of knowing you will directly experience how things are. We try to encourage some feeling and push other away. We want to do something about our feelings. If you identify with anything, you are not free to recognize where things come from.

If your mind is silent and aware, you will get rid of desires and see things differently. You can't allow the mind to control you.
When you watch what is happening without making a judgment, the unconscious will become clear, and the block will disappear.

You identify with thoughts because they mean something to you. You are attached to it. And you then miss all the other things happening. Some thoughts you stick to, others you let go.

Every moment, your mind is building some image of who you are. You always filter out the thing we don't like and it becomes hard to really see who you are. We choose who we wish we were, and there is little s=pace for not knowing you fight against this not knowing and it causes confusion.

Wisdom occurs when the mind allows not knowing. Let go of who you think you are, and how you attempt to control the people and world around you.

You can't dwell on something that came from your mind. Usually the mind closes down on each thought. If it thinks of an apple, it becomes an apple. The mind is a space. It must have room for everything and holding on to nothing.

When you let go of everything, you can have anything. When you cling to anything, you lose everything else. Let go of anger, you get love. Each time a negative thought appears, and you acknowledge it, you can feel good, because you have let go of the fear that keeps it alive.

You can't hide or distract yourself from negative thoughts. Running away just tightens the knots. Allow everything to be and things unravel themselves. Quit judging and commenting on everything. Let these thoughts just pass through your awareness. Don't hold back the flow

You must have an opinion on everything you are always trying to be somebody. Soften your life by letting go of who you think you are. Judging requires a balancing act. If you are too close, you distort your vision and cant focus. Space needs a natural flow if we are to see it totally.

Don't suppress your watching. When you judge yourself for being as you are, its like looking at the sky to tell if it will rain soon.

You are the person you most want to love. Society teaches you to distrust yourself. You learn to take care of yourself and become responsible you are encouraged to be someone special. You see yourself not on par and not worthy of love. You even are told it's not right to love yourself. Its this feeling of unworthiness that maintains your ego.

You are not trying to look great. You just don't want to seem a fool. Being someone special compensates for this inadequate feeling.

Forgive yourself. No one is trying to prove anything. You feel you can't control and trust. Yourself. You always think you must do something and try to change. Don't support the stuff you are trying to get rid of, and you will have more room to grow, See yourself through the eyes of the Almighty.

When you accept yourself you will experience the world. You can be whoever is happening in the moment. Whatever you see, look without judging. Look at your loneliness and your fears, and see they are passing states of mind. Accept yourself for who you are, and you will see what is behind it.

It's ok to be angry. Just let it come and let it go. Trust yourself, and see all the stuff, as it does, not need a fight or problem.
There is nothing to hide from.

Quit burying everything and it will have no power over you. Bring it into the light and it will disintegrate. You will see the problem as it is and let it go.

Each thought comes and goes, followed by another. Thought. Look at your anger, experience it, and watch it come and go. There is no need to act it out or suppress it. Accept yourself fully.

Give yourself room for knowing by accepting the fact that not to know is ok.

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