Male Health snippets
Boosting women’s libido
Both male and female sexual arousals are triggered by nitric oxide increasing blood flow, and arousal is strongly linked to libido in women. The market for treating female sexual dysfunction is over $2 billion annually.

A drug called Girosa, is awaiting FDA approval for treating premenopausal women who have low sexual desires and are otherwise healthy. Clinical trials showed the drug increased sexually satisfy,ing experiences but failed to improve sexual desire. Some fatigue drowsiness, and sedation, were common in the trials. Will it sell? Women must take this drug every day to maintain brain chemistry effects, while men only take Viagra as needed ahead of sexual activity.

male infertility gene discovered
over 50% of male infertility is unexplained. 4% of males with infertility have defects in NRSA1, a gene linked to physical defects in the testes. Still, very little is known about the genetics behind male infertility. American Journal of human genetics, October 2010

At 50, men are more absent-minded then women

by the age of 50, women outperform men by a significant margin in the listening and recollection tests and verbal memory. Those who exercised at least once a month, does not smoke, or quit smoking, old, did better even after social background was considered. A supplement containing pine bark extract and amino acid L. arginine aspartate improved erectile function in men with moderate erectile problems. The supplement,Prelox, works by restoring the ability of the blood vessels in the penis to produce nitric oxide. Viagra works the same way by amplifying nitric oxide’s effects.

People can function well with mild cognitive impairment but in dementia, forgetfulness is much more common. Men are at higher risk for mild cognitive impairment if they’ve never been married, if they never attended high school, and if they carry theApoE4 gene, which is a risk factor for late onset Alzheimer’s.
National Institute on aging,
Journal Neurology, September 2000

Your Y-chromosome has lost a great deal of genes
the Y. chromosome has steadily lost genes over the last 200 million years. It now only maintains the genes necessary to determine sex and produce sperm. Nature, January, 2010

Prostate enlargement occurs by age 50
One out of four men in their 50s, and over half by the age of 60, will be troubled by enlargement of the prostate gland. It is not clear why the prostate enlarges as men get older. if you start to develop bald spots and have a receding hairline by the age of 30, your risk of prosthetic cancer in the future is much less. Baldness is a result of a high level of testosterone and is really good for your health. Journal Cancer epidemiology

TV watching can kill you
Most of us watched TV for five hours a day. The sedentary are a silent majority, but being a couch potato can make you feel inadequate.
Sitting watching TV results in a 20% increase in heart deaths every hour spent watching. If you spend over four hours a day watching TV, you are 80% more likely to die of heart disease and if you spent less than two hours. Inertia says very hard on the heart and we are meant to move. when you lounge, your muscles go silent shutdown, and damaging fats can build up. Jogging once a day cannot undo this damage.

If you run marathons, you have an increased coronary calcium and calcified plaque volume. Running is certainly healthy but long-term merits on running with the training that goes into it may increase your calcification. Metabolic and mechanical stress may be factors in plaque formation in the arteries. Running long distances results in increased heart rates and blood pressures, and increased time in an anaerobic state, which leads to antioxidant damage. Damages to your bone can lead to calcium leaching into the bloodstream. Schwartz, University Colorado, Heart Wire Medical News

Normal weight but slightly chubby at the waist
if you have a little extra weight around your middle, but have a normal weight, this could be a wake-up call. High body fat with normal weight results in four times the risk for metabolic syndrome, a cluster of abnormalities with blood pressure and blood sugar elevations that lead to diabetes and heart disease. You need to build more lean muscle by weightlifting or other resistance training. Just restricting your calories may result in losing lean muscle as well as a body fat and your percentage of body fat is not reduced. The answer is to include weightlifting and other resistance training to build lean muscle. European Heart Journal, Mayo study, November 2009

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