The macrobiotic diet was advanced by a Dr Georges Oshawa around 1965 and was promoted at that time for longevity and rejuvenation

It should be revisited, in light of today's nutrition. If you are not well, this diet may improve your health. In old Chinese medicine yin was contractile and yang was expansive. This is all reversed in physical thinking of the macrobiotic diets.

Four thousand years ago, in the physical sense, the sky was considered the supreme Yin symbol and the earth the supreme Yang symbol.

Physically speaking, all empty organs are Yin, as they are passive and receptive. These include the stomach, lungs, bladder, gall bladder, colon and small intestines. The Yang organs are solid organs with compactness and are the kidney, heart, and pancreas. Metaphysically, in old Chinese medicine and acupuncture all this reversed.

The macrobiotic diet is based on the process of transmutation. Without it we could not exist. Transmutation is the way one element is changed into another element, either naturally or artificially. In the Orient thousands of years ago gold was produced from other elements and other metals and substances were produced.

Biochemical transmutation is no longer the mystery of the alchemist nor a philosophical concept. On June 21,1964 in Tokyo, Georges Oshawa transmuted the element sodium into potassium under low temperature, pressure, and energy, using a 20cm vacuum tube and 100 watts of power.

It is thought that elements in the body can transmutate to other elements by using minute amounts of energy in the body. This is the foundation of macrobiotics.. Through this process our body can produce all that it needs to be healthy by eating the foods in the macrobiotic diet.

When man borrows elements from nature i.e. iron, calcium, vitamin c and sugar substitutes, we lose the capacity to manufacture what our bodies need. Our bodies are the sites of transmutation.

A cow eats only grass and still has a very strong bone structure. Where does the calcium come from? It comes from potassium, hydrogen and internal heat.

Why can birds fly in any direction with its nice feathers? Why can a tiny grain absorb a little water, open, push up small leaves, and grow into a nice plant that gives thousands of grains? A cow eats only grass and has strong bones. Where did the calcium come from?

It comes from potassium, hydrogen and internal heat. Why don't any animals (except humans) drink milk after they get teeth? Yet, man is the greatest mystery.

How is the heat produced in your body, continuously day and night? Who or what controls this action? Why is your heart so automatic? How does aspirin lower fever? What is the chemical process that turns proteins in the stomach to energy? Why does adrenalin change the heart rate? What opens (sympathetic/yin) and closes (parasympathetic/yang) all the tissues in the body? Yin foods make the sympathetic system rule, whereas a too Yang diet stimulates the para-sympathetic system.

Where does memory come from? Our comprehension, judgment, expression, thinking, and actions all depend on memory. These are many of the unexplained marvels that cannot be yet explained in analytical ways. Yet we have confidence in this empirical medicine. Why not in acupuncture?

Health is nothing but a beautiful good equilibrium between our two antagonistic systems. This imbalance is caused only by diet. At first it is Yin that stimulates Yang and in the end Yin neutralizes Yang and fortifies Yin.

The Heart is compact, solid, heavy reddish, full of blood, elastic and all Yang. It reacts with a stimulus from the Yin sympathetic system. It is our motor and it is very Yang. The Stomach is Yin being less solid than the heart, has less elasticity, and is easily tired.

Yin cannot be attracted by Yin but excludes it. Hence, the stimulus from the sympathetic system does not make the heart react, and the stomach is quickly contracted.

Every disease is an expression of this process: The more yin or yang that is attracted continues to the extreme end, where it becomes neutralized. One must not cure a disease because it regulates itself. Disease has a reason to exist

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