Stress impacts the entire immune system. Your past experiences, and all the information you have learned are remembered. . It is predictable, detailed and memory based. It is always active and requires focus and effort. This side of the brain is active all day while you are at work. This mode is important to handle details and to learn new tasks. You are forced to seek answers immediately, that would naturally come in your mind was quiet and you were relaxed. Uncomfortable feelings buildup and you try to analyze them. Most of your meetings are held in this analytical mode of thinking. No one listens to anyone. > Everyone is waiting to give his opinion. If you quit analyzing your negative mood, you can begin to slow down. If all the variables are known, it's great to be analytical. Certainly, you must be in the analytical mode when you are scheduling, memorizing and are recalling data. However, when all the information isn't at your disposal, you refuse to admit it. To get out of the analytical mode you must admit you don't know the answers. By focusing on details all the time, we are funning at full speed and missing the present moment. You miss what you have in front of you by filling each moment with numerous activities that are never satisfying. Right now is not good enough. A busy mind can't get into the moment. It is wondering what to do.

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