You can access your energy at all times with color imagery. Friends choose the colors they wear by how they are feeling that day. The colors you choose can stimulate or inhibit your behavior, Using colors liberates the energy of your chakras rather than blocking them. It’s important to assess your energy at all times. Through imagery, you can redirect and balance these energies. Energy is often pushed out, resulting in energy blocks. . Gold and silver indicate a harmonious balance system. When you are under stress your energy wheels are overactive and always on the go. Colors in your home or work also affect your performance. Exercising in a gym with walls of warm colors of red and orange is helpful, while blues and greens are ideal for your workplace where you need mental concentration. If you have an energy block or a chronic illness, remember acupuncturists use color therapy in conjunctions with acupuncture.

Purple or violet: indicates a need to retreat and make some major changes. Wear violet if you want to transform something in your life, seek some purpose in your life , or are trying to control some addiction. Don’t wear it if you are grieving or daydreaming. Purple energizes the pituitary gland, stimulates the upper brai, and nervous system, gives you creativity, inspiration, artistic ability and high ideals.

You might use lavender oils, and eat deep purple skinned fruits as grapes, asparagus, and red cabbage. Start going outdoors walking in the mountains areas. It is useful if you need inspiration, lack imagination, and wish to meditate, and increase your visualization. . It helps if you lack space, pr are striving for some meaning and purpose in your life. Your imagination, insight, intuition, and psychic abilities will improve by adding the color purple to your environment.

The color purple is indeed Oprah”s color. Shortly after see launched her show 25 years ago, she played Sofia in Color Purple, and the movie won 11 Oscar nominations. Being a tale of tragedy and triumph, it showed the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. Purple has given Oprah 25 years of crowning fame. Perhaps if you choose this color, it may be as successful for you.

Start eating dark blue vegetables and fruits as eggplant plums blueberries and grapes. It is helpful if you feel nervous and agitated, have problems sleeping, are restless, need to think clearly, lack imagination, suffer from migraines, or need to develop your intuition.
You will feel taller, feel power, and find a sense of purpose when you have purple around you.

Black is a popular non-color that suppresses and protects your emotions. When worn with another color, it realizes great potential. Combined with red, it increases your physical power. Combined with yellow, it intensifies your mental power. Wearing black clothes gives you a negative assessment of yourself and tell you what’s wrong: it also makes you aware of risks, and its dangers and advantages. Wearing gray, a combination of black and white, symbolize you are in a state of caution.

White, on the other hand, when alone, symbolizes a completion, strength, and cleansing. Wearing white clothes makes you neutral objective and gives you factual thinking.

Red is great when your energy is low, need a boost, want to be more assertive, and want to make things happen fast . If you’re feeling nervous, don’t wear red since it calls attention to you. Wearing red clothing allows you to express your feelings and intuition. Red energizes the feet,legs,hips,and base of spine, prostate, testes, and bladder. It stimulates physical activity and gives you a feeling of security and self-confidence.

Use red if you have a cold, problem with your legs or lower back, anemic, have prostate trouble, impotence, or fear insecure. Eating red meats, tomatoes, strawberries, red apples,beets, red peppers, radishes, cherries, and other red fruits and vegetables are energizers.

Yellow allows optimistic thinking and makes things happen. Yellow energizes the adrenal glands, the sympathetic system, muscles,heartbeat. and circulation. It also stimulates the digestive track, keeps your mind clear, and helps your verbal reasoning and willpower.

Eat yellow foods as: peppers, corn, grapefruit, melons, bananas, pineapple, eggs, and spices as turmeric. It is very helpful if you have mental fatigue, Yellow color helps in making decisions, memory problems, trouble concentrating, difficulty learning, need to be objective, feel nervous or fearful, feel submissive, want to feel optimistic and confident, and have poor digestion.

Orange is associated with vibrant health. It has the same frequency as DNA, the template of all human cells. It is known to heal someone in shock. If you want to have fun, and need a boost, yellow is your color as it heightens creativity. Don’t wear it if you want to relax your feminine or masculine charms, feel restless, or need a good rest.

Entertainers wear yellow because it makes them stand out in a crowd and makes them the center of attention. Yellow is known to heal stomach problems as well. Wear yellow when you need attention to details, are studying, or need to keep awake. Don’t wear yellow, if you are fearful, want to relax your mind, and don’t want to be the center of attention.

Green is worn when they are seeking a new direction and identity. Green eases tension, regenerate cells, and steals the heart. Wear green, if you want to see things from a different perspective---especially, if you want more space around you, and need to feel grounded. Avoid green, if you are confused about where life is taking you, if you feel stagnant, or don’t want to face the truth about your situation. Wearing green results in creative thinking and generates new concepts and perception. In the pelvis chakra, some green suggests emotional sensitivity, but if excessive, it indicates problems in emotional bonding. In the throat, some green is desirable otherwise there is little communication, and lack of warmth, sincerity and kindness. In the brow wheel, green indicates a generous spirit and in the crown wheel ,shows compassion, It reflects the outdoor life and is a great energizer of your thymus gland, heart, lungs, arms, hands, skin, secondary circulation, and immune system. It creates compassion, sensitivity, and positive feelings . If there is a lack of green in your heart wheel, it shows your heart is not in the endeavor. If you wear dark green, it indicates possessiveness,

Eat all green foods and vegetables, avocados olives, and wear copper. It is a useful color if you need to calm down, are nervous, anxious, or bitter. If you lack compassion, feel out of touch, want to develop sensitivity, or are working with your hands, your heart is not into your work, A good color if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, circulation problems breathing problems, suffer from immune deficiency, have cancer, arthritis or rheumatism, allergies, skin disorder, upper back or shoulder problems, or any chronic disease.

is a symbol of devotion worn by people in authority, as nurses policeman, and military. Consistently wearing blue energizes you and make you think deeply. When you want to show some authority, need to feel organized, or communicate important things, blue is your color. Don’t wear it if you feel isolated, lonely, depressed or critical. Wearing blue clothing shows organized disciplined thinking. Sky blue energizer your thymus gland and helps control your metabolism and temperature. Sky blue, when seen on the face, suggests coolness. When seen in the brow, it indicates you have a healing ability.
This color stimulates you to be self-expressive, gives you greater communication ability, makes you feel personal responsible, and improves your hearing.
Turquoise,( blue and yellow), indicates you are sincere and genuine. Sky-blue also helps your speech and self-expression.
Dark blue (indigo), energizes your pineal gland. This stimulates your lower brain, central nervous system, and endocrine system. the hormone serotonin and melatonin are also stimulated. Dark blue indicates impartiality wherever it appears. Dark blue in the brow chakra, is associated with insight, imagination and intuitiveness. it is seen in police, fire officers, pilots, military, drivers,-- and everyone who has commitment to serve others (as Dr. Oz). In ancient times, it was also a color used in the service of God, and considered the third eye.

Eating fish, fruit, as plums blueberries and Asperger’s are helpful. It is a good color if you need to calm your mind, relax cool down, suffer from insomna,f bleeding from hemorrhoids, have swollen glands, suffer from skin conditions, have a nose or throat problem, a weak voice,, can’t speak up for yourself, and suffer from embarrassment, have a speech impediment, stiff neck, or suffer from headaches.

Pink shows unconditional love. It gives you a sense of affection, and challenges you to confront your vulnerabilities. Wear it if you want to be feminine, vulnerable, want others to love you instantly, or you need to concentrate and listen. Don’t wear it if you feel insecure, vulnerable, or fragmented.

is an earthy color, needed to grow food and is necessary for survival. If seen in the base wheel, it shows stagnant energy and a
lack of sexual fulfillment. If seen in the second wheel, a lack of physical and emotional vitality exists. Brown in the solar plexus is a sign of mental withdrawal from the present: if found in the heart, it indicates a susceptibility to disease.
Wear brown if you need to do some hard work, organize your money situation, or need to do everything well. Don’t wear it if you want to expand your energy, feel bogged down, or want to just play.

Turquoise enhances your immune system and is useful in people with AIDS or allergies. If you are tapping into your creativity, through dance music or art, wear turquoise. It allows you to connect with your spirituality. Certainly don’t wear it if you feel rejected or find yourself more interested in yourself than others.

Combining colors influence each other. Wearing green (which means go), and red( which means stop), puts you in a neutral situation. Colors also leave a strong impression on others. If you lecture, wear blue.. If you’re going out for a night of passion, wear red. if you seek attention, wear yellow.

Caution: Do not use Dark blue, if you are on sedatives, Purple or orange if you overuse alcohol or drugs, Sky blue if you have a low thyroid, Yellow or orange if you have insomnia, or Red if you have heart trouble or high blood pressure.

Sources: Acupuncture Institute of Michigan, Sarnacki art studios

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