Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve in the carpal canal over the wrist. Pressure on the flex or tendon leads to numbness when flexing or extending the wrist.

Over 1% of our population experiences pain and numbness and loss of manual dexterity and a dominant hand and later both hands. Symptoms include difficulty grasping, inability to pick up small objects, dropping things, and night pain in the wrist. Symptoms include trouble knitting, driving, writing, or using the computer.

It is very common in women, workers using industrial tools, and in jobs or hobbies that require repeated forceful wrist and hand movements or that we use vibratory tools. The use of computers, bars: scanning, grocery store checkouts, and even playing the drums can precipitate this problem. Symptoms improve with the rest and get worse with activity. Pain can even go up the arm and into the shoulder.

Often changing the height of your chair at a computer, or eliminating some vibratory tools that work can relieve your symptoms. Daily stretching exercises also help.

Other conditions can masquerade as carpal tunnel syndrome. One can have cervical disc herniation, and compression of the median nerve in the forearm or the elbow.

Traditionally, the wrist is planted in a neutral position for 3 to 4 weeks permanently, and then for another four weeks part-time. Cortisone injections you merely short-term relief and can cause the nerve to be entrapped. has symptoms get worse, surgery is offered with carting of the transverse ligament in the wrist. The goal is to increase the space for the flex or tendons and the median nerve. Complications include incomplete division of the ligament, nerve injury both motor or sensory, and post stringing of the flexor tendons with adherence. Good results occur in 85%, with 15% having numbness, muscle atrophy, and paresthesias.

Another non-surgical solution rarely offered is acupuncture, which increases the blood flow to the adherent area of carpal ligament, resulting in pain relief by reducing the swelling of the flexor tendons. acupuncture is safe, cost-effective, and therapeutically very effective and eliminating pain and restoring function to the wrist.

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