You have an illness called Obesity

You have a sickness called obesity. Being fat lowers your self image of yourself and affects you socially, sexually, and also economically. You find yourself crippled and find it hard to relate to others. This article is to motivate you.

If you are sick, you have every right to feel sorry for yourself. But you have no right to beat yourself up and make yourself worse. If you really are sorry for yourself, be gentle and caring to yourself. Accept the fact that your obesity has made you sick. You have a compulsion and obsession and addiction to eating too much food. and are now finally ready for a change.

Being fat, you find losing weight is hopeless, and justifies your overheating. You can win this Battle of the Bulge, as others have done, by being realistic about the struggle in beating obesity. it takes time to shrink your appetite and your stomach, and to make food no longer be the main focus of your existence.

Everyone overweight needs a dose of self-esteem and not weight reducing pills that will destroy it. Success must come from you. Because of your security, you tend to operate in an all or nothing way. You look for fast weight loss programs that are dangerous, discouraging, and devastating to the success of your goal to lose weight.

You will have failures, disappointments and self-destructive thoughts. Realize you have a capacity for self-control and can lose weight. Don’t feel guilty when you blow your diet and become anxious or depressed. To recover, you must praise yourself.

Some foods will help you prevent failure and satisfy both your appetite and your desire to lose weight. You can eat these foods all you want, and should keep them in your refrigerator. Pick a favorite few. It could be celery stalks, cooked mushrooms, sauerkraut, strawberries, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, carrot sticks, lettuce leaves, cucumbers, cauliflower, and asparagus stalks.

When you are tired you naturally gravitate to food to get energy. Tiredness makes you pessimistic, making you feel that food will make you feel so much better. When tired, do not ignore your fatigue and stay up watching TV. Go to sleep and rejuvenate yourself.

Losing weight can be dramatic stimulating, and exciting. It will be harder to sustain your loss than it is to lose more weight. If you are only looking for when your diet will end and you can start eating in the old ways again, you can’t win.

Deep down, you hate food because it makes you fat. You have lost your taste buds for quality, and all you want is quantity so you can eat as much food as possible as quickly, as possible. This makes you just like a drug addict, who has dependency and hatred for his drug problem.

But food didn’t cause your sad condition. It’s really the way you use food. If you ate less food, less quickly, and dignify what you are eating, your taste buds will come back and your stomach will feel more full. Your fatness makes you see yourself in relationship to the rest of the world in a disturbing way. Don’t expect big changes immediately despite the diet you choose.

Losing weight involves self-control and self management. Routine is very important. It makes it easier for you to succeed when you are anxious. Eating regularly is also very important along with planning and scheduling your meals. Eating wildly unfortunately, t is a unconscious act resulting from your indiscriminate compulsion. Wild eating is not free eating. When you decide to lose weight, you are making an important and responsible decision for yourself.

You must accept your sickness of obesity and accept yourself. There is no room for hate. Do something especially nice for yourself. Your fatness is an ugly mask destroying your individuality, your sex appeal, and makes you look older. Make part of your routine getting out of the house, to avoid pressures. You will be tempted to say you are going to change the new you by stopping smoking, exercising more, developing new sex habits, and completely changing yourself. Multitasking rarely works. Dieting is enough for now.

Motivation is half the battle. Be convinced that you have the sickness of obesity which is destroying your entire life. Change is only possible if you care enough about yourself. Get rid of the thought that you’re a lost cause and nothing will work. Get started, and start doing something meaningful for yourself.

Use all methods at your command to defeat your obesity sickness. Obesity has gradually cut you off from other people and has weakened your social life. You definitely need more affection, need to meet people,to whom you can relate. . Being fat has isolated you, made you more anxious: overeating has made you more isolated. Being an oral person you are especially sensitive to touch, taste, and sight. . Enjoy these senses and start socializing, talking, relating to others, and treating yourself to plays and movies. Above all, never do these things alone, but with others.

Be kind to yourself and engage in pleasurable activities. If you sit around moping waiting for things to happen, your weight will increase. By taking care of yourself, your weight will take care of itself. . Things will happen if you make them happen. Help yourself in every way to make your life a little more pleasant. Indulge yourself by seeing the play you wanted to see, the movie you missed. Get out of the house and enjoy yourself.


Try to avoid restaurants that tempt you. If it is unavoidable, choose a fish house rather than a fancy French restaurant. Eat as much as possible at home. Eat well, slowly, enjoyably, graciously, but do it on safe grounds-- at home. Avoid pure carbohydrates as :bread, potatoes, sugar, and spaghetti. Eat more protein, since it is a metabolic catalyst that burns itself up very readily and stimulates your other foods to rapidly metabolize. Sugars carbohydrates on the other hand have the opposite effect. Cancers love sugar, your arteries degenerate with sugar, and heart and circulatory diseases are the result. Start off with a high protein, low carbohydrate, low-calorie diet, and avoid gimmicky diets that only work for a short time. There is no magic diet.

When you feel you are starving, drink two glasses of water quickly. Grab a cantaloupe, and follow it up with a couple pickles. Get away from your refrigerator. Get dressed and quickly get out of the house and go for a walk. If you enter a restaurant, order a large glass of tomato juice and drink it very slowly. Follow this with a bowl of fresh fruit salad. Look down at your stomach now, and be aware of the change. Think about the nice clothes you soon will wear. You are somebody to reckon with and must be taken seriously. This overwhelming urge to eat poisonous foods will soon disappear.

When you come back home, don’t watch TV, but pick up a book or clean up something at home. In the morning, you will be aware you have scored a major victory. You have proven it can be done. Your resistance paid off. You showed you have self-control and you can do it over and over again. Things now will be easier.

Having now a routine, you realize skipping a meal here and then than making up for it will not make you lose weight. . Getting up in the morning is tough enough to face the real world. Treat yourself bye eating a good breakfast to start your metabolic process burn up food. Eat your food slowly, use good silverware, chewing your food well, and above all, enjoy whatever you are eating and make the most of it. Don’t down your food quickly where you don’t even remember what you ate. Fat people eat without charm. and grace. If you eat graciously, slowly, charmingly, and socially, you will give your food importance. You may not eat much, but whatever you eat, eat it elegantly and well.

When you are done eating leave the table, and forget the food that is still there. Forget the rationalization about the waste and the starving Chinese. Don’t make your stomach your garbage can. You are now a human being getting healthier and more attractive.

Beware of relatives and good friends who may detour you from your goal to lose weight. People go to great efforts to keep their friends the way they are. They may wish you well, but at the same time, be frightened of how you are changing into a healthier human being. They will fight any change that you are trying to make. After all, you have played the role of a obese person for a long time. People around you wants you to keep that role. They will insult you, call you crazy, and sabotage your efforts. Be prepared for this, believe in your cause, and be ready for their onslaught.

When you open the refrigerator there always foods that will tempt you. There will be people that want to take you out to eat. They will take you to restaurants that all provide poison for you. They will pressure you to endlessly eat something, a little at least. Go off your diet just for a little while, give yourself a break, and don’t be so hard on yourself. They will tell you you that you look pale and frail: they liked you better the other way when you were more jolly and sociable. You seem so moody now--you better eat and be happy.
Seeing you crave a little something, your spouse will feel sorry for you, and slip you a few potatoes, or a slice of apple pie. You find you would rather eat than displease your friends. Your first duty, however, must be to your little self. You can’t please everyone. No one is closer to you than you yourself. You have to be with yourself all the time and you certainly want to see a thin healthy and attractive self. Be a friend to yourself. You need yourself.

Real friends will soon get your message without you trying. Perhaps they may even go on a much-needed diet themselves. Real friends will prepare the right foods and will not tempt you nor take you to dangerous eating restaurants. Eating with someone else who is dieting makes things easier. You are your own best friend and need your friendship desperately. Know yourself, appreciate yourself, get close to yourself, and be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

It will take time for your new image to be implanted in your mind. Realize you are sensitive to certain fatty and sugary foods that make you addicted. Complete freedom doesn’t exist and a obese person is never free. You however are free with the knowledge that you are sick and are recovering. . Make your maintenance diet part of your reducing diet. Remember you have always solved your stress and depression with food. Losing weight has been difficult, but well worth it, You have proved that you are really an important person. Congratulations!

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